Top 5 FREE Music Notation Software Online + Download Link

Feeling destitute that most competent scorewriters come with a price?

Let us pitch you on 5 free music notation software online for download that’ll take you on free rides.

RE: The Future Sings With Open Source Software!

Dear Zealous Music Writers,

Top 5 FREE Music Notation Software Online + Download Link

While many previous budding musicians have gone through the budgetary dilemma; backing up the same interest today may come more affordable than before. We reckon that notation can in fact breathe life to your score without cost coming into question. That is, if open source software (OSS) can develop versatile and affordable applications; you might be surprised how it does the same in mechanizing music notations.

#1: MuseScore

Free Music Notation Software Online for Download - MuseScore

Don’t kill your inspirations with complicated environment. MuseScore transmits your flowing ideas to notations on-the-fly with highly-intuitive GUIs. Whether you’re going with keyboard input, mouse drag-and-drop or MIDI-plug in, notation inputs can be switched at the press of a button.

With unlimited staves incorporated with choice of 4 out of 128 FluidSynth-powered synthesizer voices each, you’ll have no reservation in typing away spontaneously for a full-fledge masterpiece with real-time playback; best of all, you can improve on the spot under realistic simulation with Band-In-A-Box music accompaniment import capability.

For a FREE music editor that imports MIDI and MusicXML while exportable as PDF and PNG, this multi-language and platform-diverse software which supports Windows, Mac and Linux, is the closest thing to commercial sheet maker ever!

Download MuseScore at

#2: Rosegarden

Free Music Notation Software Online for Download - Rosegarden

If you’re wishing for house-production quality at ZERO COST, your sheet music won’t go wrong with Rosegarden that supports extensive integration via JACK audio connection framework.

More like a digital mixer, you’re splashed upfront with a multi-track canvas that accepts drag-and-drop audio files, stimulation- and timing-accurate DDSI-driven Synth plugin or instruments-hookup that’re further editable with Matrix, Percussion and Event Editors.

Coupled with highly-graphical Notation Editor that supports real-time playback of keyboard/mouse or MIDI recording input, your artwork will be nothing short of immersive, especially when its LADSPA plugin API feature allows you to bind your own effects module seamlessly.

The multipage notation layout is pretty standard, but is improvable with LilyPond typesetting but most importantly, it guarantees a high quality music mix on CD and web distribution.

Download Linux-based Rosegarden at

#3: Denemo

Free Music Notation Software Online for Download - Denemo

Like the idea of giving your composition a classical touch? Then build your notation right on LilyPond’s ground. With Denemo and LilyPond in the same pipeline, every piece will get engraved automatically to highly-professional music sheets.

Donning on the simplest GUI, this Linux/Mac/Windows-compliant programs emphasizes not on sheet appearance, but rather aims at reflecting accurate rhythm values and pitches that plays back instantaneously as you make keyboard/mouse or MIDI input. With a side-by-side source code display, syntax errors can be detected and resolved quickly.

Having wide import options like MIDI, MusicXML, PDF, Denemo and LilyPond files and multiple export gateway to prints, images and music files does appeal, but NotationMagick definitely gives your compositions the creative twist by shuffling, transposing, augmenting and sorting for a freshly randomized version. Cleverly entertaining yet amazingly practical!

Download Denemo at

#4: Canorus

Free Music Notation Software Online for Download - Canorus

Fancy some syntax-writing in-between graphical annotation? Try Canorus, the next happening editor that refines NoteEdit that also takes keyboard/mouse and MIDI instruments input while allowing annotation through scripting, source code, GUI or get all these viewports in for the uncompromised accuracy.

Embarking on an extensible approach, this Qt4 framework project hosted under Sourceforge is really meant for the deep-rooted music lovers who devotes to some low-level playground open for Linux, Mac and Windows users.

Fine-tuned with a more canorous attitude, your composition will take an expressive leap with polyphony, chord-marking and lyrics-filling features for a fast and rich output that can be jazzed up further with transposition. Also, expect a more diversified Import sources comprising MIDI, MusicXML, ABC, MUO, PMX, LilyPond and MusiXTeX files while supporting the LilyPond engraver and MIDI export for a more presentable output.

Download Canorus at

#5: Impro-Visor

Free Music Notation Software Online for Download - Impro-Visor

For the meticulous, every potential masterstroke can be geared towards perfection with Impro-Visor. Its framework is stripped down of most funky features but adequately get you into greater detail of its monophonic solo lines, chord-voicing tool and bassline to be picked for study separately.

Hence, you’ll find it useful as play-along tool to improvise chords progression and solo notations step-by-step as you amend errors highlighted with note coloration and listen to playback of your lead sheet; plus a novice-friendly platforms with intuitive GUI packed with useful lick ideas and scale suggestions, this is great guide by the hand while giving you some flexibility to export your earliest great works to universal MIDI and Music XML formats.

Download Impro-Visor at

Thirst for more options to enrich your masterpieces? Find your way to some of the best music sheet maker here.

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