Best Music Sheet Maker to Make Your Own FREE Sheet Music

If you’ve dreamed of composing music freely, in an instantaneous way that is….

“Look no further than Noteflight Music Sheet Maker where you can literally create music on the fly and rendering masterpiece in the blink of an eye!”

“Work on music-making in the PRIVACY of your account or get the community to improve your showpiece in the CLOUD. It’s definitely a VERSATILE testing-ground and EDUCATIONAL tool combined!”

RE: Noteflight The Cutting-Edge Music Composer On The Go

Dear Aspiring Musicians,

Music Sheet Maker

Best Music Sheet Maker to Make Your Own FREE Sheet Music

What if you can spare your bank account from buying the costly music sheet software? Or do away with the need to hook-up external components to start making music? No software installation. No MIDI keyboard connection. No music sheets flying around. That’s exactly how practical and convenient Noteflight is from bringing your intangible idea to the various concrete platforms.

Unlike the confines of music notation software, the web-based concept of Noteflight is highly portable where all you need is getting connected to its website with a registered ID and pick up from where you left. Something highly appreciated by musicians who can check-in immediately when great idea pops up at the spur of the moment!

And did we mention this program runs for free? With over 25,000 teachers from elementary right up to universities leveraging on this interactive and demonstrative platform, it’s no doubt that this Best Notation NAMM Award Winner has its fair share of productive elements.

Conceptualizing Your Ideas On An Instance

If you’ve been composing music for long, you’ll absolutely appreciate the instantaneous playback as you fill in the notes, perfecting your notation as you go for a quicker composition. Not only will you be making music in a more efficient manner, you can even leverage this real-time convenience to present your draft to band members who would be able to read it, hear it and add remarks on the virtual sheet.

The expediency is even more apparent in skills improvement on students where if you’re trying this as an amateur, you’ll certainly enjoy the spontaneity offered by the immediate feedback as you explore the notes, stops, pitches, rhythms and more in a realistic environment to improve on the spot.

Easy Customization

While some application takes considerable time to familiarize with the framework itself, Noteflight music sheet maker carries minimal buttons and menu for a highly intuitive interface, reducing the headache you may already have with carving the perfect masterpiece.

Click on the stave to activate the editing pallete and a subsequent click on desired row will sit the note in position. Or simply enter the note with your keyboard to save some finger work. The melody will be played each time you drag the notes to playback your adjustments where you are also able to change time signature, pitch, tempo and other aspects with a few simple clicks. So what if you need to shift the interval? Simply transpose them by selecting the preferred major chord. It’s that easy.

Automated Formatting

Though Noteflight comes free, it doesn’t compromise in functionalities at all. The simple entering of score’s title and composer’s name aside, Noteflight would automatically group your string of notes into proper bar according to your selected tempo.

And not to mention, those of you who plan to incorporate Noteflight into your music lessons will surely benefit from its capacity to add text, lyrics, expression marks as well as key signatures to produce a comprehensive tutoring material.

Rich Composition Experience

So, what else would you be expecting? Multiple instruments? They have over 10 sounds at least… Large score capacity? Almost infinite staves plus guitar and bass tablatures… Multi-platform output? Render them into mp3, wav, MusicXML or MIDI files. Email your score’s URL for recipient’s direct access. Maybe embed the score into your blog for live viewing. Or put your score on “Shared” status and let the community discover it in searches. The choice is yours!

Interactive Environment

As you share your scores, expect the equally passionate folks to change your publicized work. But anytime you feel their suggestion a bit off the mark, simply rollback to the previous version with few simple clicks. But standing in a student’s shoes, you’ll be grateful that your teacher can easily correct the flaws and track the changes between versions. A well-thought accessibility that just make music creation easier and bringing the music enthusiasts to an integrated sphere.

Taking It To Next Level

Of course, maintaining a Crescendo premium account at $7.95/month or $49/year will let you create URL-dedicated private classroom to conduct group lessons or private studio to collaborate band compositions. But minus the more instruments, controllability and annotation array with this premium account, Noteflight’s free account is still a considerably comprehensive version to begin with!

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